Aluminum horizontal blinds

Situated to the interior, the aluminium horiyontal blinds, are suitable to be mounted instead of outer rollers in those cases in which the thermal insulation provided by the window is very good. They are designed to allow fine tuning of the natural light intensity. The horizontal blinds provided bz our companz are durable and esthetic.



Jaluzele verticale
Vertical textile curtains

They have a similar role to the aluminium horizontal blinds but are addressed mainly to the large opening windows. The range of colors and the diverse textures of the material offered, allows choosing the most appropriate combination for any type of real estate development.

RoleteInterior shutters

Textile shutters, also called interior shutters protects your home or office from the light and warmth of the sun and will ensure the privacy you need. Interior shutters bring more color, mood and sun protection for any room of your house: living room, bedroom, kitchen or balcony.