Insect nets

Basic features:

1. Profiles used for net frames are made from aluminum painted in an electrostatic field with white RAL9010 code or brown RAL 8019 code
2. Connecting parts of the corners are made by injection
3. The hinges are made of plastic with increased resistance to ultraviolet rays
4. All handles are made by injection
5. As closures parts are used adjustable magnetic blockers
6. Net itself does not interfere with vision and is made of fiberglass
7. Fixing the net on the frame is being done using a string

Roll type insect net

Roll type mosquito nets are made of aluminum and carbon fiber translucent net, non-flammable, resistant to weather conditions and sunlight.


lasele de țânțari tip rulou sunt construite cu casetă și ghidaje de aluminiu, iar sita este din fibră de carbon translucentă, neinflamabilă, rezistentă la intemperii și acțiunea razelor solare.

Prevents the entrance of insects and the dust carried by the wind.